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SuperAntiSpyware is an Anti-Malware Utility

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My day job requires me to spend a lot of time removing infections from computers. The good news is that all of the best anti-spyware tools are free. The bad news is that none of them gets everything. Recently, though, I’ve found SuperAntiSpyware to be one of the best. It cleans infections that other antimalware utilities like   Spybot Search and Destroy don’t.

Remember, this utility isn’t an antivirus program. It’s used for detecting and cleaning viruses and other malicious software from an infected system. You’ll also need a solid antivirus program like Microsoft Security Essentials installed too.

I’ve always found SuperAntiSpyware, or “Super” as I’ve come to call it, to be a fast and effective utility. From the removal of  innocuous cookies to serious rootkits. It does a great job of gutting these nasties from your Windows based computer.

I took these images from a Windows 8 computer that sees very little spyware. I haven’t been running this system long, and I have run some other malware scans. Look at what SuperAntiSpyware found.

was lucky – having only some cookies on this system. Had it found other infections it would report them here. The quick scan on SuperAntiSpyware is very fast, as you can see from the time above – two and a half minutes.

Removing the threats is simple, and will prompt for a reboot if it needs to remove something locked into memory. Once it’s finished, you’ll get a report of a clean bill of health.

That’s it. The company offers a paid version that allows for preventive protection from infection. Certainly a worthwhile investment. Another advantage to SuperAntiSpyware is it’s also available as a portable version that should be on every computer enthusiasts thumb drive.

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