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Today’s Deal of Appsumo: 1$ for Using Google Analytics for More than Pageviews

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I’m going to ask an obvious question for web nerds (like me):

Have you heard of this little service called Google Analytics?

Yes? Good, because this will interest you. Let’s move on…

It’s by far (RREEAALLLYYY far) the most popular web analytics platform out there. And it’s FREE.

It’s amazingly powerful and provides such in depth, comprehensive, and “INSERT MORE BIG STUPID MARKETING BUZZWORDS HERE THAT YOU DON’T CARE ABOUT” data for your business.


I can slap cool graphs and big tables of numbers on your desk all day…but will it make you more money?

Here is the big-fat-sumo-sized problem so many people face: They have an EXTRAORDINARY amount of data from their Google Analytics, but can’t make real-world changes based off it.

Sure, you may notice that one page makes more money percentage wise than another page or some other tiny thing, but these are just basic things that rarely help much and simply scratch the surface of what you can do.

Plus you don’t know WHY. What if you could make all your pages perform like the top performer?

Let me give you a personal example from this little sumo:

I once did a small consulting gig on the side to improve a company’s website. They were an OK company, and nice enough peeps, but they didn’t know SQUAT about milking their website for cold hard cash and quality leads.

They hired cocky little-ole-me on a results basis. The better I did, the more I got paid. This is where it gets good…

Since I’ve been a student of analytics guru’s for years (like Justin Cutroni) I know what I’m doing.

I take one look at their data, and since I’ve been trained what to look for, I immediately found tons of changes to their website that would decrease their costs and increase their profits (I knew I was getting a fat-sumo payday at this point) 😉

With prison-guard authority I told the company the following actions:

  • “Make these 3 changes to your PPC campaigns.”
  • “Start focusing the SEO on these two pages, nothing else.”
  • “Stop stealing my red stapler”
  • “You have 28 keywords you’re going after, only two make you money and 1 gets leads.”

They were amazed. 

They skeptically executed what I told them, and as expected their results went through the rood….without any real changes to their business!

They saves SO much money on their paid campaigns and SEO efforts….and got SO many more leads, that they were actually not prepared to pay me such a large amount!

They simply could not believe the massive impact I had on their business from hardly an hour of work!

Now you see that big (and small) companies fork out BIG BUCKS to get their data analyzed and translated into real-world changes. Why?

Because it makes them so much more money!

If you could get an analytics badass to put on his transparent-green accounting hat, lock him in a dark room with a laptop for 30 minutes, then he emerges and gives you three changes that DOUBLE your business (kind of like a genie)…

…would you find that valuable?

Now if someone is doubling your business (or saving you tremendous money) by implementing a few things he learned from your data…this mofo is going to charge a sumo-sized salary for that. Because he knows his advice is worth it.

What if you could do this yourself? Would THAT make you more valuable to your company? 

Now what if you got to sit down one-on-one with a bona-fide analytics BADASS for a private tutorial to do this yourself?

He’d teach you all his secrets to look at ANY WEBSITES data and understand how to save a bunch of money on useless things, and MAKE a bunch more money from cash-producing pages.

Unfortunately hiring top guys (like Justin Cutroni) costs literally (I kid you not) thousands of dollars per hour. 

This gives you a peek into Justin’s analytics secrets that will make YOU into an analytics badass (and hence MUCH more valuable) to your company. 

What you get:

  • Section 0: Introduction
  • Section 1: Metrics That Matter
  • Section 2: Creating Your Goals

The whole course is video and screen capture so you can see Justin give REAL data and how it’s used to make REAL changes. 

Expiration: Available Limited Time

1$ for Using Google Analytics for More than Pageviews

Visit Here to get deal!

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