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Best WordPress plugin: Author hReview

Posted In Wordpress plugins, WordPress - By Techtiplib on Thursday, March 1st, 2012 With 1 Comment

See this cool box on the right? With cute yellow stars? That is one of my favorite plugins at the moment and I am going to tell you why you should have it too.

It is free. Persuaded already?

It is developed by Hesham Zebida, the guy behind and Thesis Awesome Skins, so you know it is something good.

This was originally a Thesis theme only plugin,but I think I managed to trick Hesham into coding it to work with any theme. So now, you can use it with any WordPress theme.

What does Author hReview plugin do?

It adds the review data into your posts to be picked up by search engines.

There are a few options you can use, check the screenshot below:

Author hReview 5

Author hReview 3

As you can see, I am using the standard box and I set the width to 200 pixels. You can switch to “mini rating box” instead.

The first two options are self explanatory, you can display stars on your home page and display an additional box at the bottom of the post.

I like that you have 8 colors to chose from for the button that says More Details, so it will be easy to match it with any design.

Download plugin Author hReview

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