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Free AllMyNotes Organizer (giveaway)

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Information surrounds us, it’s everywhere
– passwordshyperlinksmemosanniversaries,birthdaysnumberssticky notesdraft letterspicturesaccess codes, etc… etc… etc… And there is many software titles aimed to ease data collection and management
– contact managers,task listsreminders, clocks, notes, and a number of others, narrowly targeted uses. Each of these applications is good, but each of them has a limited usage scope, and strictly defined set of fields for data management.    Let us introduce our solution for storing random information
– AllMyNotes Organizer! The concept is simple as black and white
– keep data of any kind, make it easy to find at any time, and, hide it securely from prying eyes
– protect data access by password!
giveaway of AllMyNotes Organizer
We did our best to remove any limitations – just mix your text with filesimagesalarmstables,tasks (checkboxes)… Create! This is an awesome tool – a universal constructor for basically any kind of data management! The concept is also known as an Outliner concept.

All your Notes stored in a single AllMyNotes Organizer file and can be grouped into flexible virtual folders enabling easy, intuitive access, and instant search at all times. 

Visit GIVEAWAY PAGE to download free.

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