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Free DeltaCopy version 1.4 (Backup utilities)

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In general terms, DeltaCopy is an open source, fast incremental backup program. Let’s say you have to backup one file that is 500 MB every night. A normal file copy would copy the entire file even if a few bytes have changed. DeltaCopy, on the other hand, would only copy the part of file that has actually been modified. This reduces the data transfer to just a small fraction of 500 MB saving time and network bandwidth. 

In technical terms, DeltaCopy is a “Windows Friendly” wrapper around the Rsync program, currently maintained byWayne Davison. “rsync” is primarily designed for Unix/Linux/BSD systems. Although ports are available for Windows, they typically require downloading Cygwin libraries and manual configuration.

Giveaway of DeltaCopy version 1.4


Unlike “rsync”, DeltaCopy is a only available for Windows and is tightly integrated with services available only on Microsoft platforms (NT4, XP, 2000 & 2003). Here is a list of features

  • Incremental backup – Copies part of the file that is actually modified
  • Task scheduler – Profiles in DeltaCopy can run based on a schedule
  • Email notification – Administrators can receive email confirmation on successful as well as failed transfers
  • One-click restore – Backed up files can be easily restored.
  • Windows friendly environment – No need to manually modify configuration files or play around with command line options.

System requirement:

  • XP, 2000, 2003, 2008, Vista and Windows 7. We have not tested DeltaCopy on Win9x.
  • 10 MB hard disk
  • 64 MB ram
  • 1 GHz processor or better

Home page:

Download DeltaCopy version 1.4 here!

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