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Free trial Adobe Photoshop CS6 beta

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Photoshop CS6 beta is the latest version of Adobe’s flagship editing program. Which, conveniently, you can run install and run alongside previous editions (although the 1.7GB download may not feel quite so convenient to some).

The first change you’ll notice in this release is the revamped interface. Part of this is cosmetic – it’s much darker than before – but there are plenty of functional changes, too. Cropping is arguably easier, properties panels fly out, and there are a host of other optimisations dotted around (the Liquify interface is notably simplified, for instance).

Adobe Photoshop CS6

Extended content-aware functionality sees the addition of a Content Aware Move, which enables you to draw around an object and move it to another part of the image, while Photoshop intelligently fills in the background. This doesn’t always work, unsurprisingly, but a Content Aware Patch option means you can give the program a little assistance, where necessary.

Layer enhancements see Shape Layers replaced by Vector Layers, which can have a stroke and a fill (solid colours, gradients or patterns). This should be a great help for graphics designers, although Adobe point out that the current solution is incomplete: “some of the implementation and design details have not been completely worked out”, and “we are looking for feedback on what we have so far”.

New blur options – Field, Iris and Tilt-Shift – help you to adjust your depth of field and decide exactly which parts of the photo you’d like blurred, and all with convenient on-image controls so you get a full-sized preview of the results.

There are a host of improvements elsewhere. Adobe Camera Raw 7.0 is easier to use, and offers new Shadow and Highlight controls; the Adaptive Wide Angle tool provides more control over lens corrections; image autocorrections are more intelligent, the rewritten 3D engine is faster and offers additional options, and the program’s painting tools have been extended with new erodible brushes.

None of this seems quite enough for Adobe, though, who with this release have also greatly extended Photoshop’s video functionality. The new video import engine can handle a wider range of formats, including AVCHD; a new Timeline panel presents your video more intelligently; and you can add a separate audio track, drag and drop transitions and fades, and easily cut, splice and preview clips to produce the results you need.

Please note, you don’t need a serial number to install or use the beta: just click the “Try” option during setup, then click “Start Trial” when you launch the program to sample its new features. (You will have to sign in using your Adobe ID during installation, but if you don’t have one then a “Create” option is available.)

Download and try Adobe Photoshop CS6 beta

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