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How to create a Slide Library in powerpoint 2010

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Slide Libraries help you share, store, and manage Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007 slides. When you publish a presentation to a slide library, the slides upload as individual files, so they can be modified and tracked independently. The library maintains a link to the presentation, so that you are notified when slides change. The library allows you to sort slides, check them out, and can help keep track of history.

You can share and reuse Office PowerPoint 2007 slide content by storing individual slide files in a Slide Library. When you upload a presentation to the Slide Library, the slides are saved as individual files. Therefore, each slide is available for you or other people to modify it independently from the original presentation.

List properties, such as a thumbnail image of the slide, the name of the presentation it is part of, and a description of the slide, help you easily find slides and view the list.

You can choose to enable versioning on the library, which saves a copy of each previous version of the slide. This makes it easy to view history and to revert to an earlier version, if necessary.

If a slide in your presentation has been changed in the library, when you open the presentation in Office PowerPoint 2007, you are given the opportunity to compare the new version of the slide with your current version or update your presentation automatically.

Create a Slide Library

To create a Slide Library, you need to have at least Designer permissions.

  1. On the Site Actions menu, click Create.
  2. Under Libraries, click Slide Library.

 NOTE    Slide Libraries can be created in only certain types of sites, such as a Team site and Document Workspace. If you do not see Slide Library underLibraries, the type of site you are working on does not support Slide Libraries.

  1. On the New page, under Name, type a name for the library. The name appears in any navigation links that you set up.
  2. Under Description, type an optional description.
  3. Click Create.

 Note:  Avoid creating folders in a slide library if you know that content from this site will be deployed to another farm or site collection by content deployment. Sites that contain slide libraries with folders cannot be imported or exported.

Source: Microsoft

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