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Start learning the essentials of SEO that every startup should have under its belt in this Mini-Course (Only 1$)

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This Mini-Course contains the first three videos from the AppSumo Link Building Action Video. If you want more than a preview, you can purchase the full version here!


Imagine you’re trying to explain Search Engine Optimization to someone, all Forrest Gump-style:

“Life is like a box of Google… you never know what ranking ya gonna get!”

This is the understanding most people have of SEO.

If you’ve ever uttered the phrase, “I need me some SEO!”…

I BEG OF YOU, let Tom Critchlow explain it to you in plain English first.

The SEO industry is so full of Make-It-Seem-More-Complicated-So-We-Can-Charge-More-Money people that it’s disgusting.

We needed some clarification on SEO ourselves, so here’s what we did:

Operation Kidnap Tom Critchlow plan:

Step 1: Capture Tom from his headquarters (where he does the SEO for and

Step 2: Tie a shock collar around his neck

Step 3: Tell him, “If you give us ANY FLUFF information, we shock you!”

Yea I know… this Sumo is pretty twisted.

BUT, this worked really well because we got him explaining (and showing on screen) exactly how to do SEO for startups in this mini-course preview of the full Action Video.

Lemme give you a quick breakdown of what we got out of him:

  • An Intro to link-building: He’s gonna break it down in plain English.
  • When you need SEO: A lot of people who “buy SEO” don’t even NEED it.  This explains.

Visit Home page to get Deal.

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