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Tips: Convert Any Image on the Web into an Icon with Firefox

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Convert Any Image on the Web into an Icon with Firefox

Turning an image into an icon or favicon requires finding or making an image, then resizing it to a perfectly square, small size. While this is not an overly complicated process, we have found a very fast way to turn any image on the Web into a favicon with two mouse clicks.

The tool is called Image2Icon, and is only available for Firefox.

From Image2Icon’s page in the Firefox Add-on store, click Add to Firefox.

When prompted, click Install Now.

Navigate to your favorite image-finding service. Find a picture you like and right-click it. In the menu that appears, click Convert Image to Favicon.

Choose a size for your icon. Remember: Icons are normally square… so if the image you have chosen is rectangular, it may look skewed when resized.

Instantly, your re-sized image appears on the screen with an HTML code beside it. To save the image, you can right-click it and choose Save image as or you can copy the URL and paste it in your browser.

Image2Icon is definitely one of the quickest ways we have found to generate an icon. It does exactly what it promises with no glitches that we could find. We hope this browser extension will also be available for Chrome and other browsers in the future.

Via Online-tech-tips

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