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Extract Text From Scanned Images & Save As MS Word (DOCX) Or TXT File with Free OCR to Word

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Free OCR to Word is text recognition software that performs all your tedious retyping and recreating work at lightning speed into Word documents you can edit on your PC or archive in a document repository. The OCR to Word program works with any of the popular image files of JPG, JPEG, PSD, PNG, GIF, TIFF, BMP and more from a scanner attached to your computer or a digital camera, scanned image files received from a friend, or image files stored on your computer, etc. All of these file types are equally easy for Free OCR to Word and in just a few clicks, you can get a fully editable and searchable files in MS Word or TXT.

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Free OCR to Word will change the way you handle with the paper work. Based on the sophisticated OCR technology, Free OCR to Word has the capability to identify text within image files, turn it into electronic document and save it in the format of your choice. Retyping is eliminated, tasks are automated, information is easily accessed and productivity soars.

However, the text must initially be scanned using a scanner or it could be received as an electronic file through fax or other similar sources. Before scanning, some flexible adjustment of scanning parameters are allowed, such as: Color format, File type, Resolution (DPI), Brightness, Contrast and more. At any rate, the quality of the image file is crucial for any OCR software to work correctly and to be able to grant you good enough outcomes or nearly 98% accuracy. Your scanned image can be in JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP, TIFF, ICO, EMF, PCX… formats.

Free OCR to Word can recognize specified areas in an input image. You might need to select the image andtext regions that are recognized by the OCR software. Some image & document tools are integrated with the software for image errors correcting and document editing. If the input image contains the orientation and skew errors, use “Rotate CW” or “Rotate ACW” tools to fix the angle of them. For better viewing, try “Fit Image”, “Fit Width” as well as Zoom tools. With document tools you can clear the text window, remove line breaks, copy and paste the text, even add some words that are missing or correct the wrong words.

Free OCR to Word provides a new way of translating printed text to a digital file that can be modified or edited in a word processor. It’s a great solution to archive your paper-word and de-clutter your workspace, post documents on the Internet or your local corporate network, send your documents via email in the popular document formats, etc.

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