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Free BackupSF: Back Up Critical Website Files and Databases (Giveaway)

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Sure, you’re quite diligent about backing up your critical data at home, but what about your website? Do you just naturally presume that your hosting provider has a reliable backup strategy, one that can successfully restore your site’s files in mere moments? Do you have a backup-backup plan in case your provider isn’t up to the task, or even worse, just gives up completely and goes dark? The best way to ensure that your operations won’t be blown out of the water by a server or database failure is to back it up to your own computer and/or your own cloud-based storage account. First step – get a copy of today’s discount software promotion, BackupSF!


BackupSF lets you back up critical website files and databases to non-host locations, enabling quick recovery in the event of the host’s server failure, infection, or corruption. Hosting providers have been known to lose entire hard drives, taking not only their hosted sites, but also all recent backups, down to never-never land. Worst of all, your site can suffer malware infection that turns it into a spambot server – and unless the host server’s backup is clean, all is lost! With BackupSF, your website is safely backed up on a local drive, or, even better, a cloud-based folder such as Dropbox. Just upload the files and database back to your host’s server, and you’re back in business!

BackupSF uses FTP and MySQL scripts to ensure that everything about your site is safe and secure, which also makes restoring your site quick and easy using any FTP client and database import tools. Think about the degree of permanent damage to your reputation and revenue stream you would suffer if your site were down for an extended time, then think of how happy and joyous you’ll be when you remember your BackupSF backup! It’s a no-brainer and a must-buy!

Get BackupSF here!

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