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Free download Google Chrome 19.0.1084.15 Beta (Windows, MAC, LINUX)

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The speed of browser development these days means you’re never more than a month or two from the next “major” release. But if you can’t wait that long, and you’re happy to sacrifice some stability and security in return for getting an early glance at new features, then this beta build of Google Chrome will satisfy most people.

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While the beta version is still not stable enough to be considered a final release for the masses, it has at least undergone a measure of testing by those Chrome users adventurous enough to install the bleeding-edge alpha, orDev, build, so crashes and glitches are fewer and far between.

Chrome 19 synchronizes open tabs across your web browsers

It’s important to realise that updating to the beta build will overwrite your existing stable installation of Chrome, so you can’t run it side-by-side. But you will at least be automatically updated with the latest beta build, so as time goes on, Chrome becomes more stable before your current version migrates to a stable release and you jump to the next beta build.

You can always jump back to the stable build by visiting the Release Channel page and download Google chrome, but note you’ll only properly switch when a stable release newer than your beta build is released. If this is an issue, simply uninstall the beta and reinstall the stable version instead.

Chrome 19 is now in the beta channel

What’s new in Chrome 19? The biggest change is the addition of synchronized tabs when you login to your browser. As an example, say you were seeking directions to a restaurant but forgot to print the details before leaving the office. Fire up Google on your mobile device and the opened tabs should appear as you left them in the office. The tab browsing history is also synchronized between computers.

Other v19 enhancements include a Chromium v8 core (, fixes some incognito window-related errors, fixes some 3D issues with NVIDIA GPUs and more.

Download and try the latest of Google Chrome BETA

Download Google Chrome 19.0.1084.15 Beta here for: Windows, MAC, Linux!

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