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Get free AllMyNotes Organizer Deluxe 2.60 (Giveaway)

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AllMyNotes Organizer is created to manage huge volumes of random information, categorize it in to a flexible outline hierarchy (by topic), restrict access to it with a password, and navigate and search through it instantly.

Information is all around us, everywhere – access codes, bookmarks, ideas worthy to note, anniversaries, birthdays, phones, draft letters, business cards, picture…


The list can be infinite. And there is lots of software aimed to ease data management – contact organizers, task managers, calendars, password keepers, and a number of others, narrowly targeted uses. These apps are good, however, aimed for a limited usage scope, with limited set of fields for entering data.

AllMyNotes brings an alternative concept of info management, it’s simple – a free form, data management. It provides you with a few simple tools (notes, tables, alarms, checkboxes, etc.), so you can build your information in any way you like! No more limits, no strictly defined fields, just feel the concept and start creating your info space brick-by-brick. 


Capturing random information: Note taking, diary, thoughts, ideas, letters, links, projects, ideas, goals, events, famous quotes

Contact information: addresses, phones, call summary, chats. Many people believe that free-form format is better that traditional form-based – there is no limit at all. For some contacts single line of text is enough, and for others you can keep megabytes of dossier – whole branch of documents grouped in hierarchy of folders

Trip information: addresses, hotels, itinerary, car rental, electronic tickets, historic sites, landmarks, walking tours and restaurants. Financial information, bills, bank account information, investments, taxes, access codes.

Shopping: shopping list, prices, coupons, web-pages of online-stores with registration info, discounts and special offers

Kids: capture their achievements, funny cases, special dates and events

TV programs: organize catalogue of favorite programs, schedule, reviews, keep dossier on favorite stars, capture interesting quotes. Health, food, and dieting, fitness strategy, recipes

New features in this Release:

Added new keyboard shortcuts that are commonly used in Evernote, to ease migration from Evernote to AllMyNotes Organizer:
· F6 – Global Search
· Ctrl+Shift+A – turn on/off filtering mode and preserve the selection
· Ctrl+Shift+S – Global Search
· Ctrl+P – Print
· Ctrl+F2 – Print Preview
· Ctrl+Shift+> – Increase font size
· Ctrl+Shift+< – Decrease font size
· Ctrl+G – Find Next
· Ctrl+Shift+G – Find Prev
· Ctrl+K – Insert Hyperlink
· Ctrl+Q – exit application

Get free AllMyNotes Organizer Deluxe 2.60 here!

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