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Get free Fast WhoIs: Automatically Collect Contact Information (Giveaway)

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Iguanas. That’s your target market. Actually, it’s the owners of iguanas, but you know what I mean. You identify the top fifty sites that cater to iguana-lovers, and you start to track down the contact info for each website. By the time you went to bed, you’d only gone through five, and the prospect of facing another day of looking up registration information is, shall we say, far from compelling.

get free Fast WhoIs

A large part of marketing to website owners involves research. Identifying the websites that would be interested in your product or service is fairly easy and straightforward, it’s finding out how to make contact with the people who matter that’s a little difficult.

Most websites have contact information, sure, but you’d sure like to be able to send your ideas and proposals to an actual person instead of an email address. And while you know that you can look up the official registration information for any given website manually, your list of target websites is long and there are only so many hours in your workday.

With Fast WhoIs, you can automate the process of gathering contact information for an entire list of domains, quickly and easily. Just feed your list of domain names intoFast WhoIs, and let the program do your research for you, or let Fast WhoIs run in the background as you do your work. When it’s done, all of the contact information, including names, email, and postal addresses, is conveniently saved to a file or to multiple files based on domain.

Fast WhoIs also makes it easy to acquire a domain name from any URL. Just select which domains you want to look for, select the URL in which to look, and press “start”. The resulting domains can then be added to the queue and queried against all available Whois servers!

Fast WhoIs isn’t just for marketing, either. If you’re in the business of buying domains, Fast WhoIs can help you efficiently assemble your contact list, which means that you can get to negotiating the sale of those domains that much faster.

Get free Fast WhoIs:

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