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Get free Fixmo Tools – Compliments of BlackBerry (Giveaway)

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Fixmo Tools is free of charge until May 31st, compliments of BlackBerry. Thank you for choosing your BlackBerry 7 OS smartphone.

16 Applications – Unlimited Utility!

Fixmo Tools 2.6 is like a utility belt for your smartphone, 16 handy applications in one simple download. Backed by world class support and experienced mobile developers, Fixmo Tools is an essential application for BlackBerry® users.

Fixmo Tools

What’s new in Fixmo Tools 2.6?

  • Support for BlackBerry® OS 7 devices
  • Conserve Wi-Fi – A completely new application that conserves battery life by turning Wi-Fi on and off based on your location (cell towers)
  • Deleting Apps – Optionally delete applications you use less frequently
  • Performance optimizations

Existing Fixmo Tools Applications that you shouldn’t live without:

  • Wifi File Transfer – Transfer files to and from a PC or Mac directly to your BlackBerry® using only Wifi and your computer’s browser
  • Remind Me Later – Schedule a reminder in your calendar for a meeting, email, SMS and more
  • Screenshot – Capture a simple screenshot from any application from within the application menu. The captured screenshot is stored within the device’s pictures folder
  • Memo – Create a list to-do items that are posted directly on top of the background of your BlackBerry® display
  • UI improvements across all applications
  • Undelete is your phone’s “recycling bin.” You can retrieve deleted email, PIN messages, calendar events, tasks, and memos
  • Mail Compliance Manager helps you save face. It warns if you’re about to reply all to a message on which you were BCC’d, use potentially inappropriate language/punctuation/capitalization and add unintended recipients
  • Forward/Reply with Edit lets you edit the original message when you reply or forward it and is integrated seamlessly into the existing email menu
  • MeetMe enables you to easily arrange a meeting by automatically selecting available times on your calendar and inserting them into an email
  • Battery Watch monitors power usage and warns you when your battery reaches low levels
  • Silencer watches your calendar and completely silences during scheduled events
  • Memory Monitor tracks detailed memory stats and gives you an insight into your phone’s performance across both RAM and Device Memory
  • Multi Clipboard allows for the ability to store and retrieve multiple items in the clipboard
  • SMS Recovery helps you recover your SMS messages by keeping a backup copy of all SMS messages sent or received
  • Call Indicator allows you to set a different LED color for calls so you can differentiate them from other messages. Handy for when your profile is set to silent mode
  • Speedtest measures the download and upload speeds of your 3G, EDGE and WiFi networks

Get free Fixmo Tools for Blackberry here!

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