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Get free Zen Hopper for Android

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The concept is simple. Hop across a series of wooden pillars over a bottomless pit. Don’t miss any; try to touch the center of each pillar as it passes for a perfect score. The poles move faster and faster, increasing the challenge. See how far you can go in Endurance Mode or find out if you can complete the Belt Mode challenges from white belt to black belt–achieve your black belt for a special ending.

get Zen Hopper for Android

A dragon slides gracefully up the left side of your screen, marking the time until the end of your current challenge. Meanwhile, your sense of balance is marked by the lotus flowers on the right. If you close all of the lotuses, you’ve missed the pillars too many times, and you must repeate your training for the current level.

Product Features

  • Two exciting game modes: “Belt Ranking” and “Endurance”.
  • Performance Benchmark Score to see how your device is performing.
  • Highest score is saved for future sessions.
  • Special Ending for those who complete the Belt ranking challenge.
  • In Game Pause button.

Get free Zen Hopper for Android here!

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