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Keyboard shortcut tips (Outlook tips)

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– To show the menu to download pictures, change automatic download settings, or add a sender to the Safe Senders List, press CTRL+SHIFT+W.

– To switch the Navigation Pane on and off, press ALT+F1.

– To display the Advanced Find dialog box, press CTRL+SHIFT+F.

– The fastest way to compose a new message is to press CTRL+SHIFT+M.

– Need to jot a quick note? Press CTRL+SHIFT+N.

– To create a new contact, press CTRL+SHIFT+C.

– To go to Mail view, press CTRL+1.

– To go to Calendar view, press CTRL+2.

– To go to Contacts view, press CTRL+3.

– To go to the Tasks list, press CTRL+4.

– To go to Notes view, press CTRL+5.

– To reply to the current e-mail message, press CTRL+R.

– To forward the current e-mail message, press CTRL+F.

– To delete the current e-mail message, press CTRL+D.

– To quickly record selected items in the Journal, press CTRL+J.

– To quickly remove formatting from selected text, press CTRL+SPACEBAR.

– To reply to everyone who received the selected message, press CTRL+SHIFT+R.

– To select several adjacent items, click the first item, and then hold down SHIFT and click the last item.

– To select several nonadjacent items, click the first item and then hold down CTRL and click each additional item.

– To select all the items in a folder, click one of the items and press CTRL+A.

– To send an open message, press ALT+S.

– To quickly check spelling in an open item, press F7.

– To select the next or previous item on the timeline in Journal, even if it isn’t visible, press the LEFT ARROW key or RIGHT ARROW key.

– To quickly switch to your Inbox, press CTRL+SHIFT+I.

– To quickly switch to your Outbox, press CTRL+SHIFT+O.

– When viewing an open item, you can move to the next item or previous item by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+> or CTRL+SHIFT+<.

– To quickly switch to viewing by weeks in Calendar, click in Calendarand then press ALT+HYPHEN.

– To quickly mark a message as read, press CTRL+Q.

– To quickly move between the schedule area and TaskPad view inCalendar, press CTRL+TAB.

– To quickly create a new item of the same type as the folder you are in, press CTRL+N. For example, CTRL+N creates a new message in the Inbox or a new task in Tasks.

– To quickly create a new Journal entry, press CTRL+SHIFT+J.

Source: Microsoft

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