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Reject Specific Permissions for Facebook Apps

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Facebook AppsFacebook has several thousand third-party apps for most any purpose. Every game is an app, every timeline cover-creator tool is an app, and many of the services and tools we write about here are Facebook apps. The problem with apps is that each and every one of them request permission to access certain information on your Facebook account. But, not every app needs the complete access they request.

For example, nearly every app asks permission to post as you on your Facebook timeline. This is completely unnecessary to the overall function of the app. By default, you cannot pick and choose which permissions you grant an app, but a Chrome plugin called fPrivacy fixes this problem.

From FPrivacy’s page in the Chrome Web Store, click the Add to Chrome button at the top right of the page.

When prompted, click Add to install FPrivacy.

Now, navigate to Facebook and try to install an app. We chose to try FPrivacy on the Castleville game. By default, the game wants permission to email us, poststatus updates and post photos on our walls. Obviously, a game does not need these options to run—they just want the options to use players to promote the game and to send emails with promotions from the game.

At the top of the screen when you are asked to allow the game permission, a blue bar will appear. Uncheck the boxes next to the permissions you do not want to grant the app, then click Update.

The page changes to reflect only the permissions you want. You can now safely click Allow to play the game in peace.

Some apps do need certain permissions to run. For example, the many photo-editing apps need permission to access your photos and post photos as you to save your edits. However, not many apps actually need to email you. If you disable a necessary permission with FPrivacy, the app simply will not work. You can delete it from your settings in Facebook, then re-allow it and grant the necessary permission to make it run correctly.

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