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Top Outlook tips (Note, Task, Journal)

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This article shares you the Outlook tips about note, task and journal!

MS OutlookNotes tips

– Send that note fast! – Click the note icon in the upper-left corner of the open note and then click Forward.

– Quickly create a note from text in another program – Select the text and drag it onto the Notes button in the Navigation Pane.

– Make your notes more eye-catching – Change the color of an Outlook note by right-clicking the note icon in the Notes pane, pointing to Color, and then clicking a new color.

– Assign a note to a category  – Click the note icon in the upper-left corner of the open note, and then click Categories.

Tasks tips

– Quickly mark a task complete – Right-click the task and then click Mark Complete on the shortcut menu.

– Quickly assign a task – Right-click the task, and then on the shortcut menu, click Assign Task and type a name in the To box.

– Remove a name fast from Other Tasks list – To remove a name from the Other Tasks list, right-click the name, and then click Remove from Other Tasks.

– Change the order of tasks in a task list – In the Task pane, when tasks aren’t grouped or sorted, just drag the tasks up or down in the task list.

– Quickly create a task from a file containing details about the task – Drag the file to the Tasks button in the Navigation Pane. A new task opens with the file attached. Fill in the rest of the information about the task, and then click Save and Close.

– Quickly send a new message about a task – Drag the task to theMail button in the Navigation Pane. This creates a new message with the task name as the subject and the task details in the body of the message.

Journal tips

– Try the quick way to open Journal entries – To open the item, document, or contact in a Journal entry, double-click the icon in the Journal entry.

– Quickly record any file in Journal – Drag the file from My Computer to Journal view in the Navigation Pane.

– Quickly record any item in Journal – Drag the item to Journal view in the Navigation Pane.

– Quickly go to another date in Journal – Click the date heading at the top of the timeline, and then click the month and day that you want to view.

Outlook tips from Microsoft

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