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Free Desktop Poet for Windows: Transform Your Desktop Into a Canvas for Poetry (Giveaway)

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Remember those magnetic poetry kits for your fridge? Yeah, they were fun for a while, but who has the time to stand in front of their refrigerator all day? Today’s discount software promotion for Windows takes this same concept and makes it infinitely better by transforming it into PC-based fun! It’s Desktop Poet for Windows!

Desktop Poet for Windows transforms your desktop into a virtual canvas for poetry, letting you assemble hundreds of words into silly, serious, thoughtful, and profound combinations. With Desktop Poet for Windows, kids and adults can learn improved word structure, gaining proficiency and learning without even realizing it. Before you know it, you’re experiencing improved grammar, increased creativity, and more!

Designed to be visually appealing and flexible, you can easily increase the vocabulary in Desktop Poet for Windows just by highlighting any word tile, clicking a button, and seeing variants of the word. You can even create your own word tiles, set backgrounds, choose different colors, and more! All of your custom tiles can be exported as JPG, TIFF, or HTML images for easy sharing with friends and family!

Download Episode Downloader 3.0 deluxe free here!

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