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Get free Ashampoo® StartUp Tuner 2 v2.00

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Lots of programs saved in your computer do exactly as they please. Many applications consider themselves to be so important that they trigger an auto-start command in the system without being requested. That means that every time the computer is booted up, they are started together with Windows, which isn’t always the user’s intention. As a result of this, the start sequence becomes considerably longer – and manually shutting down most of the unwanted windows immediately afterwards because they simply aren’t needed, certainly isn’t fun.

StartUp Tuner

The Ashampoo StartUp Tuner 2 lists all auto-start entries and allows them to be individually deleted or to be deactivated. If the user proceeds with caution in this area, and at least deactivates all of the unnecessary entries, then they will be able to enjoy a clearly faster start to Windows. 

The new Ashampoo StartUp Tuner 2 can do more than just this though. The tool is also in the position of being able to designate all Windows services by name – to allow their subsequent activation or deactivation with the click of the mouse. At this point, the deactivation of the annoying Windows error notification service is also possible. The Windows notification service should also be deactivated, as it allows spammers to send messages directly to the screen of the unsuspecting user.

The Ashampoo StartUp Tuner 2 displays all installed Windows programs but builds its lists clearly more quickly than the control panel software module. Here, it is possible to uninstall programs that are no longer required so that they can be removed from the computer without ‘leaving behind tracks’ as it were.

IT specialists know that the acronym BHO stands for ‘Browser Helper Object’. BHOs concern plugins for the internet explorer. These plugins rapidly cluster in alarmingly large numbers on the user’s computer. Some of them are useful, but others are superfluous to requirements – or downright dangerous. The Ashampoo StartUp Tuner 2 lists all of them, and allows them to be individually deleted or deactivated if they are no longer needed.

Please note: the Ashampoo StartUp Tuner 2 automatically installs a backup of the changes that have been carried out, which means it is possible to reverse the changes that have been made at any time.

Supported Operating Systems: Windows® 2000, Windows® XP and Windows Vista®

Download free Ashampoo® StartUp Tuner 2 v2.00 here!

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