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Giveaway of the day: AnySpliter

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Have you ever tried to email a file, only to find out there’s a cap on how large of an attachment you can send? Or tried to fit a large file onto a flash drive, or onto an optical disk, that was just too large to function, even though you tried so hard to make space? Or tried compression software to make a big file smaller, only to get about a 10% reduction? Today’s discount software promotion is here to address the problems of too-large files, and the solution is elegant, simple, and effective. It’s AnySpliter!

AnySpliter lets you split files into multiple smaller parts, then join them up again just like new. With AnySpliter, you’ll never have to worry about freeing up huge swaths of space on a storage medium, or give up on emailing an attachment because it’s too big. Just use AnySpliter to split the file (up to 2Gb in size) into as many parts as you need to, then go about your business! It works on any type of file, whether you’re working with documents, text files, spreadsheets, presentations, audio, video, even executables!

Once your file parts are safely at their new location, just invoke AnySpliter again to put them back together. Just by locating the first part, AnySpliter can reassemble the whole thing back into the original file, giving you the option of deleting the split parts after the entire file is recovered. Of course, AnySpliter always displays a progress bar, whether splitting or joining, so you never have to guess at whether the program is finished!

Download free  AnySpliter here!

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