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Giveaway of the day: Total Defense Unlimited Security

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When you used to have only one computer at home, it was pretty easy keeping it optimized, backed up, and safeguarded against malware. But the modern world has brought us an explosion of computing devices in the home, from laptops to desktops and mobile devices and tablets – making sure they’re all protected is a full time job that most of us will eventually drop the ball on. That’s why today’s discount software promotion – Total Defense Unlimited Security – is so important!

Total Defense Unlimited Security is a monthly subscription service that covers all of your devices and all users of those devices, ensuring that every platform is optimized, backed up, and protected against online threats. With Total Defense Unlimited Security, you never have to worry about a viral threat sneaking into your household from the one device that you forgot to protect. Once you sign up, everything that you use is safeguarded, optimized, and secured.

In reality, Total Defense Unlimited Security is actually comprised of four stellar applications, each dedicated to a specific component of protection and optimization, whether it’s mobile security, PC security , 25Gb of online backup, or Internet security. For mobile users, you’ll appreciate GPS tracking and remote handset management. PC owners benefit from hard disk and registry optimization. Of course, there’s an impenetrable web of malware protection, accompanied by an online backup service that lets you keep your most valuable data, pictures, and documents free from harm.

Download free Total Defense Unlimited Security 2 Months License

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