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Marketers Delight 2.0 the best Thesis theme for marketers

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This is the best review about the Marketers Delight 2.0 theme for marketers. I reported to lets you know why Marketers Delight 2.0 become to the perfect them for marketing.


Review from AZBlogTips:

Many of you asked me what theme that I am using now and how to get it? I loved happy as many of you the theme that AZBlogTips has been using and personality, it is the best ever theme (actually skin if you are using Thesis framework) for my blog so far. Why? Let’s see why I stay in this premier thesis skin for so long.

It is my personal assessment but it is not something over its value after several months using this revolutionary skin and the conversion rate is much higher than previous themes/skins. I personally love this skin when it has not been released yet, actually when it was still under development. Let me tell you some personal impressions about this skin and why it rocks since its release:

  • Friendly & Professional Interface Design: Yes, this is the first thing that you need to have a look at as it is the most visible thing we can see. No matter what inside features it has, if you don’t like its interface you will ignore it for sure. Marketers Delight 2.0 draws our attention from the very first impression.
  • SEO Powerful and Friendly: No need to say as you all know that Marketers Delight 2.0 is run with Thesis framework which is the most powerful and SEO friendly framework on the internet and it is also the first one that created a revolution for theme framework two years ago. Matt Cutts and other high profile bloggers, SEO experts… have admitted its power too. That is why, you will benefit from its SEO benefits too.
  • Widgets Ready for Novice & Professional Marketers/Bloggers: This thesis skin comes with many ready widgets that can help you build opt-in, affiliate, subscription… forms in the most visible positions that can help you boost your subscription automatically. Looking at my site, you will know how great these features are and even novice bloggers/marketers without coding skills can make it happen easily.
  • Professionally-designed Admin Panel: Yes, many designers make their own admin panel to ease our work and Marketers Delight 2.0 also comes with a professional & ajax-based admin control panel. It has been improved very much compared to the previous panel such as loading time and features… etc.. You will love it! Let’s see some screenshots from my own blog:

With 6 color scheme and 12 background patterns, I am sure that your blog design will have a unique design against others who are using the same skin. You can also customize yourself with killer support from Kolakube forum staff.

2. Killer, Fast and Friendly Support:

One thing that I really love from Kolakube is its fast, killer and experienced staff support. Almost requests and tickets are resolved within 24 hours. Sometimes, my support tickets/topics are handled within hours. The delay time only happens with the time zone difference. Alex and Sean are great guys behind Kolakube and they are always providing support in a friendly and professional ways.

If you are currently with Kolakube, you will agree with me that Alex and Sean are doing a great job at Kolakube and they always to listen to our requests in a friendly manner.

3. Fast Updates with High Responsibility:

Since Marketers Delight 2.0 was released, there have been several updates in response to Thesis 1.8.4 release and other big issues. The current version of Marketers Delight is actually 2.2.2 and it seems to work perfectly with me without any issues. The guides are very well documented that all users can refer to anytime.

I think, there are many things that I might miss in the hand-on impression review and you are free to share of you are with Marketers Delight 2.0. If you are not yet, you can get Marketers Delight 2.0 for as low as $37 for lifetime upgrade.

Last but not least, I would like to express my thanks to Alex and his staff Sean for their kind support and I hope to see more awesome features to be integrated into the Marketers Delight 2 as well as other skins.

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