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WordPress traffic plugin suite: Best WordPress Automation Plugin

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What WP traffic can do?

  • Schedule your content
  • Drip feed your content automatically
  • Optimize your posts for search engine
  • Automatically tag your blog posts
  • Insert affiliate links (or any of your links) automatically within your content
  • Start posting your content at any date (past, present or future)
  • Take any RSS feed and start publishing content in any category of your choice
  • Promote your content to up to 40 social networks on autopilot

The plugin package include: Poster Pro, Socialize-It Pro, The RSS Aggregator

1. Poster Pro: Forget About Manually Posting To Your Blog. Poster Pro Will SEO Your Content, Monetize It, And Schedule It On Complete Autopilot


  • Add as many articles as you wish automatically
  • Auto hyperlink them
  • Aut SEO them
  • You tell it the articles you want to publish and when. Then just press a button and watch it go to work!
  • You can backdate your content
  • It will automatically drip feed your content starting at any date you wish
  • Plus, each post is put into the category you specify,
  • …and automatically tagged with keywords relevant to your article so that the search engines and directories can eagerly seek out and gobble up your newly posted content!
  • Auto tag your blog posts
  • The plugin will then automatically find the relevant keywords in your articles and hyperlink them to any link of your choice (affiliate offers, money pages, squeeze pages, amazon listing), on autopilot.
  • Poster Pro will then scan your content and bold, italicize, underline some of the relevant keywords it will find within your articles. This is critical to get higher rankings in search engines.
  • You can even tell Poster Pro how often to post and how many blog postings to publish at once!
  • No one will ever know you’re not doing all the work by yourself!
  • Thanks to our ‘mass import’ feature, you can easily line up articles in the queue to be published – even years into the future, so it always looks like you’re taking the time to update and maintain your blog for years to come! (no limit on how many articles you import and queue at once)
  • You can manage queued articles (edit, delete)
  • You can manually post queued articles with the click of a button without waiting for the scheduled date to be reached
  • All posted articles are stored and removed from the queue for ease of use
  • Post 1, 5, 100 or 5000 at once or scheduled for years to come with just a few clicks.
  • Your content is automatically optimize for search engines
  • Your content is instantly monetized using your own money links

Get Poster Pro here!

2. Socialize-It Pro: Automatic And Smart Submission Of Your Blog Posts To 40+ Social Bookmarking Services.


  • This is where the program really shines. You can use Socialize-It Pro together with Poster Pro and automatically submit your blog posts to to 40+ different Social Bookmarking sites.
  • What’s more, to help prevent spamming, Socialize-It Pro will only contact a random sampling of those sites for each article – so you never hit all the bookmarking sites with your posts all at once (a surefire way to get BANNED).
  • Simply put – You’re in Complete Control!
  • We have partnered with only wire service so that you don’t have to worry about submissions not working like with all the other plugins on the market. Simply sit back and relax while traffic comes in!
Get Socialize-It Pro here!

3. The RSS Aggregator: Easy And Unlimited Content At The Push Of A Button!


  • Enter the URL of the RSS feed you want to use
  • You can enter as many RSS feed as you want.
  • Tell the RSS Aggregator how many articles you want to post from the feed each time.
  • You select if you want to also submit the posts to social bookmarking sites (it will then be done automatically)
  • You can select if you want to link back to the source of article (the one from the RSS feed)
  • All links have a “no-follow” tag
  • Select the category (or categories) where you want the post to appear
  • Select the tags you want to be added to each post and

Get The RSS Aggregator here!

Visit homepage to get more information!

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