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Delete Your Google+ Profile and Not Your Google Account

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Since Google launched its “new and improved” privacy policy a few months ago, a lot of users have become wary of Google’s services.Here’s how to delete your Google+ account without deleting your account settings for other Google services.

Despite the launch of multiple lawsuits, Google maintains the changes have been designed to make its “privacy practices easier to understand”.

But is that the really the  case? Google has made previous versions of its privacy policy available to view, and even included a comparison tool. So, you can decide for yourself. I found the new policy to be more ambiguous and it was concerning that the new policy has no mention of how long Google retains submitted user data, or whether or not it deletes user data. Because of this, I would just assume Google keeps your data on file foreveror at least a minimum 18 months like it does with your cookie tracking information.

If Google turns out to be a company you’d rather not trust with your data, you can delete your entire Google Account. But, if you simply want to get rid of Google+, you can just snip that out without losing data from your Gmail, YouTube, and other services.

The first step is to visit your Google Account page and log in. You can get there by clicking your profile picture and selecting Account or by visiting

Once there, stay on the Account tab and scroll down to Services. Click the link titled Delete profile and remove associated Google+ features.

On the next Google+ page, you have two options. The first is to Delete Google+ Content.

Deleting Google+ content removes the majority of the information that you’ve submitted to Google+. But it doesn’t remove anything from your About section on your Google+ profile that wasn’t public to begin with. The same goes for plenty of other data about you; details are shown in the screenshot below.

Note that there is no confirmation window. Once you check the Required box and click the blue removal button, Google instantly removes everything.

If you choose to only delete Google+ content, your profile will still be visible to the public. Although much of the information you submitted will be erased, there is no statement anywhere in the Google Privacy Policy or Terms of Service as to how long backups of this data will remain on Google’s servers.

The other option is deleting your entire Google+ profile.

This will completely nuke the Google social account, as well as Google Buzz and your public Google Profile. This is the way to go if you want to permanently delete your profile account. You can still start over and re-create your Google+ account later, but you’ll have to start from scratch.

Note that if you created a Google+ account before creating a YouTube account, you may lose your YouTube account if it uses your Google+ Identity to sign in. As with the other deletion setting, there’s no confirmation window. Once you check the Required box and click remove, Google+ will be gone from your account.

Since there isn’t a “are you sure you want to do this” window, Google will take you straight to the deletion confirmation page and let you know everything was deleted. There is an optional form you can fill out, or you can just leave this page and continue using the web sans Google Plus.

One thing I found annoying about this page is that the bottom has a green check box that looks like it needs to be unchecked to avoid filling out a survey. It turns out, clicking that box is what opens the survey. To me, it’s misleading – but it’s not a huge deal.

Don’t forget that even if you delete your Google Plus profile, it’s easy to recreate one later. 

Source: groovypost

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