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Get free Android app: Norton Online Family

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Keep your kids safe from Internet dangers even when you’re not around. It’s easy with the new, FREE Norton™ Online Family family safety app for Android. It gives parents who subscribe to Norton Online Family the ability to access, use, and change security services and settings, anytime, anywhere right from their Android device. You simply log into Norton Online Family web monitoring software using your account name and password to view recent security alerts, see what websites your kids visit, what they search for, use chat monitoring, see what they say, monitor how much time they spend online, and more. Norton Online Family is the best parental control software on the web – and it just got better!

Norton Online

Parental Control Features:

  • Online activity reporting: Tracks your kids’ online activities including ALL websites they visit or attempt to visit, their entire search history, and who they chat with. Norton Online Family won’t get fooled by a search history eraser!
  • Web blocking: Lets you turn web monitoring and on or off and put a parental block on specific sites or types of sites that you feel are inappropriate for your kids.
  • Time Limits: Gives you the option of turning time monitoring on or off.
  • Chat monitoring: Lets you turn chat monitoring on or off and customize how you’d like to monitor chat sessions.
  • Private Information Sharing: Gives you the ability to turn parental monitoring on or off to ensure privacy.

Get free Norton Online Family for Android at Google Play Store!

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