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How to public your Dropbox folder

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All the extra functionality provided by the Public folder is now accessible anywhere in your Dropbox. Now all you need to do to share and preview files and folders in your Dropbox is select Get link via your computers, phones, and tablets.

Create links to files and folders in your Dropbox by dragging and dropping them into the Public folder. Once there, you can create links that go to public previews of the files. Your friends and colleagues can choose to download the file or view the file in their browser. to send to anyone by pasting them into your emails, instant messages, web pages… Any method you like.

First, you’ll have to make the file available to anyone by moving the file you want to share to the Public folder located in your Dropbox.

On the Dropbox website

Once you’ve uploaded or moved the file to your Public folder, click on the icon of the file to select it. In the blue bar at the top of the window, click Copy public link from the resulting menu.

Dropbox folder 1

Choose Copy Public Link from the website

On Windows

If you have the Dropbox application installed on your computer: once the file is in your Public folder, simply right-click it once to open a menu. Choose Dropbox > Copy public link.

Dropbox folder 2

Choose Copy Public Link from the context menu

Remove a Public link

If you’re done sharing the file or folder, move the file out of the Public folder either by dragging and dropping the file elsewhere (on your desktop and on the web) or selecting the file and pressing Move from the blue bar at the top of the file browser. Any future visitors to the public link will receive an error informing them that the file is no longer available.

Renaming a file

Renaming a file will also remove a public link. If you need to rename a file, simply create a new public link to resume sharing it.

Dropbox folder

For advanced users

Now you have the basics down, here are some advanced topics on public links:

  • Public links can be shared and accessed by anyone, not just Dropbox users
  • You don’t have to be online for others to use these links and see and download your files
  • While you can’t link to folders in your Public folder, you can link to files within sub-folders
  • Files in your Public folder are public and can be viewed or downloaded by anyone who uses the link. If at any point you want to stop sharing a file, all you need to do is move it out of your public folder and it will no longer be shared.
  • If you want to share a whole folder with someone, you can create a shared folder or change an existing folder’s sharing settings.
  • Shared folders, unlike Public links, are only accessible by those you invite.

Important note on copyrighted material

You should only use shared folders, public links, and photo galleries for files that you have the legal right to share with others (for example, documents, photos, software, music, and videos that you personally created). You do not have the right to share files unless you own the copyright in them or have been given permission by the copyright owner to share them. Purchasing or legally acquiring video, music, ebooks, or software does not give you the right to share that material with third parties over the Internet.

If you have any doubts about whether you have the legal right to share certain files, you should not share them. By using the shared folder, public folder, or photo galleries features you represent that files placed in those folders do not violate Dropbox’s Terms of Service and that you own all copyrights to them or have been given permission by the copyright owner to share them. Dropbox has adopted a policy of terminating the accounts of users who repeatedly infringe copyright or whose accounts are subject to multiple infringement allegations. If you repeatedly share files that infringe others’ copyrights, your account will be terminated.

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