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Linux tips: Using Winamp Skins with XMMS

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This posting explains using XMMS player for mp3 playback under Linux. XMMS is the default player that comes along with Redhat Linux. It is an excellent music player. The posting basically lets you know how to use Winamp Skins with XMMS.


1. To run this application all you have to do is type xmms at the prompt (bash). Alternatively you could also use ‘Run Program’ option from Gnome Program Menu to type this command.

There might be an entry for XMMS in the Gnome Program -> Multimedia Menu as well.

2. XMMS creates a hidden directory in your account root folder. For the superuser this would generally be /root/.xmms

For a normal user with a home directory /home/harry it would mostly be /home/harry/.xmms

3. This folder in turn would have a folder called Skins (/root/.xmms/Skins). Inside this folder you could copy all your Winamp skins and all of them would work with XMMS.

Note : The skins have to be in .zip format. The newer Winamp skins are available in .wsz format, rename these to .zip before using them with XMMS.

4. The best part about Linux is that most of the configuration data for applications is stored in plain text format. Even for XMMS all the configuration data is stored in a file named config (/root/.xmms/config). This file can be viewed using any text editor such as vi or emacs or gnp. You can edit the values directly in this file.

For example if you have a skin on some File System which is already mounted and for some reason you cannot copy that skin to the XMMS Skins folder, directly edit the line in this configuration file which points to the Current Skin being used and make it point it to the skin on the other File System.

In case you are not familiar with any text editor, I have explained how to use Emacs in the posting “Using Emacs – Part I“.


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