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Do not install Mountain Lion

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Users should probably wait until Mac OS X version 10.8.1, because that would be an upgrade to Apple fix all problems with OS X 10.8 Lion Mountain encountered if any.

New Apple OS X 10.8 release Mountain Lion, many people are eager to enjoy the features promised that this operating system offers.

However, Business Insider magazine has an article prompts the user with the following contents: Mountain Lion is a brand new operating system. If you installed it today, that you first install the operating system will also have an “overhaul” large, but the first version is never perfect. Mountain Lion is OS X 10.8. If you do not have the device installed new operating system right away, perhaps waiting to OS X 10.8.1.

Prior to this prediction, of course Apple has tested all kinds of situations, but only until the software is “mature” than, new users get rid of the risk in big trouble. For example, Apple has had to release an update from 10.7.3 to 10.7.4 Mountain Lion in large part because errors reveal passwords in plain text format, following a pretty serious mistake.

Thankfully, Apple has a history of very good track issues and quickly released updates as needed to upgrade and repair. So far, we just heard about some errors on the Mountain Lion. Most notably, the author Katherine Boehret of the magazine All Things D has been having trouble syncing Google Calendar with Apple’s new Calendar application. Apple patches will be announced soon.

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