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Free Comfort Keys Lite: Perform Routine Actions with a Click or Hotkey

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Sometimes it seems that working with a computer is just an endless series of repetitive tasks — it’s not that far from the truth. But what if you could do away with these tedious tasks? How much more productive would you be? Well, today is the day that you find out, all because of today’s discount software promotion, Comfort Keys Lite!

Comfort Keys Lite lets you perform routine actions in just a click, eliminating the need to drill through menus or engage in repetitive tasks. With Comfort Keys Lite, you can launch programs with a single hotkey, or instert predefined text chunks using either hotkeys or a template manager. It’s completely customizable to your needs – just record your keypresses as macros and play them back on demand. Bonus features include an on-screen keyboard, plus managers for templates and clipboard contents.

Comfort Keys

Every macro that you create using Comfort Keys Lite will work in any Microsoft Windows application, and every key on the keyboard is available for mapping your macros. You can even use multiple on-screen keyboards, each customized with a different set of shortcuts. And if you find a combination of macros that you like, you can share it with your entire workgroup just by copying the shortcut file to the network!

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