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How to reinstall Dropbox without reset sync data

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Another day you have setup new Operation System or setup a new computer, and you have to reinstall your Dropbox. But in your Dropbox folder have a lot of data, if you reset sync your data it will take you much more time!!!

This article will share you how to reinstall Dropbox without reset sync data.

To do this you can follow 2 ways below:

Ways 1: (Use when you place your Dropbox folder in other disk – not System disk)

Step 1: Install Dropbox normally

Step 2: Choose where to put your Dropbox folder

You do as the pictures belows:

Choose Advance/Next

dropbox, iCloud, internet, reinstall, reset sync, tech tips

Click: I want to choose where to put my Dropbox folder/ Change …(find where your Dopbox folder)/ Next

dropbox, iCloud, internet, reinstall, reset sync, tech tips

Then choose: I want this computer to sync all of the folders in my Dropbox 

dropbox, iCloud, internet, reinstall, reset sync, tech tips

The Dropbox will sync your folders, you’ll see it start indexing the files, instead downloaded from the internet.

Way 2: (You want place your Dropbox folder to another disk)

Install your Dropbox as the first time, and choose sync this computer to your account. When finish install, you will see Drobpox is syncing, you select “Pause Syncing”, then choose “Exit” to shut down Dropbox.

After that, you go to your new Dropbox and delete all files and folders inside except the “Desktop.ini” file.

Then copy all files and folders in old Dropbox folder to new directory.

The syncing start but just only indexing the files, not download from the internet.

Way 3: Use the Portable Dropbox (:D)


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