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Keep your data secure even after deleting and erase your files with File Washer (Giveaway)

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You have sensitive files, you want no one can see that document, but if only delete your documents by normaly it can be easily restored by the data recovery software. But now you will not worry anymore about that with file Washer, with this software, you can be assured when deleting your documents safely without worrying about someone restore your data.

Features of file Washer:

  • 9 different deleting methods
  • Overwrite your old file before removing
  • Can not recover the deleted file
  • Use “Gutman Method”: erase data by overwriting it 35 times
  • Overwrites the files you want to delete with another file

File Washer

Home page:

Giveaway page: Giveaway File Washer (expired)

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