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Protect SMS with Anti-theft Free – Comodo Security Solutions

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Since Android phones are becoming popular and frequently used options, it seems likely will optimize the user experience on their devices by storing personal information and their information on the smartphone. If something bad happens to your phone, which means that the risk of data loss is very large. What do you do when your phone is lost or stolen?

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A necessary actions with their smartphone are considered necessary because smartphones are vulnerable to theft sight. For these situations, an anti-theft application called Free Anti-theft was developed by Comodo will suit you, allowing you to take the action necessary for the device is lost, lost or beaten theft.

Free Anti-theft is a free application for Android phones offer you many ways to find the phone and protect your personal data on your phone. It also gives you the option to detect the phone, lock the device, wipe data and enable remote alarms. You simply need to send commands via SMS to the phone is lost installed Free Anti-theft, this application will do the job that you need to rest. Free Comodo Anti-theft is being provided free of charge at Google Play.
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You can find their phone by sending an SMS command, the application will display your phone on a map. You can order anti-theft lock your phone remotely by sending a simple text message to your phone, then your phone will be locked with a password that you declare, and the thief will not be able to unlock your phone screen can be completely assured.If you afraid of personally identifiable information or data or sensitive files on your device is lost which fall into the wrong hands they can be assured for Free Anti-theft function erase all data on phone including data on the SD memory card (such as contacts, email, SMS messages, files, bookmark pages, …). One of the most attractive feature on Free Anti-theft is that you can get a picture of the thief. Just send a text message to your phone when a thief and a reply message, the phone will automatically capture images of the thieves when they look at the screen. Immediately the image will be sent to the email address which you declare that you can recognize the face of thieves.
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Notably, the Free Anti-theft feature also includes alerting you whenever a SIM card phones are replacing your phone SIM. If this happens, Anti-theft will send Free SMS to the phone number that you declare, put the new SIM information is attached to the phone. That way, you can continue to send messages to locate, lock the phone, or delete data remotely via SMS commands.
Free Anti-theft feature is also equipped with alarm. When activated commands via SMS, the phone will sound the alarm emits ultra-large (even if the phone is in silent mode, Silent Mode) and displays a warning message on the screen.
Indeed what Free Anti-theft brings Android phone users are very attractive, allowing you to always ensure that data, information on the phone does not get into whether they were crooks anywhere , to perform any tricks to avoid being tracked as change SIM. Hope this is an indispensable tool for those who see their Android smartphone is an indispensable items to store everything in life but were afraid of missing machine.
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