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Quickly Change Between Windows 8 Apps via Keyboard

Posted In Windows - By Techtiplib on Saturday, July 21st, 2012 With No Comments »

Windows 8 is supposedly all about getting you to your applications as fast as possible. The Metro interface still lacks a lot of usability when it comes to using multiple apps at once, but if you have a keyboard handy you can get around that with this groovy hotkey.

Windows 8 has a new hotswitch feature for flipping between opened Metro Apps. It doesn’t include Desktop apps in the list, but Windows + Tab will open a sidebar menu with a list of all open and recently opened Metro apps. This provides a quick way to switch between apps you have running.

Note: If you don’t have a keyboard handy, you can still open this window by hovering the mouse over the very top-left edge of the screen. The touch-screen equivalent will be swiping quickly from the left edge towards the right.

Windows 8 Apps 1

But if you want to have quick access to all of your apps, that will take a more classic approach. Remember the good ole’ Alt + Tab hotkey from every other version of Windows? It’s still alive and kicking in Windows 8.

Windows 8 Apps 2

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