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Tip to Insert a PDF File into a Word Document

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If there is a lot of text and you want to include the entire document, you can actually go to the beginning of the page where you want the new text to be included and then go to Insert, choose Object and then choose Text from File.

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Choose the Word document and it will automatically take all of the pages from that Word document and put them into the current location of your cursor. If you are on page 10 and there are five pages, it will insert the pages from page 10 to 15 and shift all of the other pages down.

There is also another way you can “insert” a PDF into a Word document, but it involves creating a hyperlink to the the PDF document instead of actually copying and pasting the entire pages. This is useful, if you just want to reference the PDF document (or any file for that matter) from within your Word document.

In order to do this, simply type in some text in Word that you want to refer to your document by, such as “Report”, and then right-click on it and choose Hyperlink.

insert pdf file, MS Word, office, tech tips

Now you want to browse to the location of your PDF document. It’s always best to make sure that both the Word document and the PDF document are in the same folder when creating a hyperlink. In that way, you can transfer your project to any other computer and as long as the two documents are in the same folder together, the link will still work.


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