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Top 10 free online services image compression

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When inserting an image into blog posts, you definitely want that the image is compressed to keep page load times as fast as possible, or readers can leave quickly. There are many image editing software such as IrfanView can help you, but let’s try some image compression services online as simple and useful.

1. Services Dynamic Drive

As a service “two in one” not only allows you to compress the Dynamic Drive also has the ability to convert images to other formats. You go home at , then you upload photos via its URL or from your computer (click Choose File). Supports GIF, PNG, JPG / JPEG, capacity does not exceed 300 KB. If you want to convert images, click the option box below and then Convet to select the format you wish to convert. Finally, click Optimize.

Within seconds, the compressed image file will appear below. But the point especially to provide services to 9 results for different quality levels. By default, the amount and rate the quality of opposites, that is the end result as the image quality will decrease but the amount is as light as 1/10 compared to the original. Then you just right click on the image >>> select Save Image to download.

2. Image Services Optimizer

You can resize, compress and optimize your images with this free service is easy. Home services that address , click the Choose File >>> browse to the image files to compress> Open. Under the Optimization, you set the quality and size (length, width) to image in the box corresponding option. Finished, click Optimize Now. Very quickly, the service will provide a bulletin board comparing results before and after storage for your compression test. To upload photos on >>> click Download to your computer. 

3. Web Services Resizer

Can be considered one of the best image compression services today. In addition to compression, you can resize, crop, color, borders for pictures. Access address, and then uploading them via the Choose File button (maximum size 5 MB). If you want to crop photos, click Crop Image then use the mouse to drag a selection rectangle like taking pictures. Below are the options box lets you change the size, background color in the image, quality, or rotate pictures. After setting, press Apple Changes. After optimal image is displayed next to the original image so you can easily compare our star. If satisfied, click the Download link on this image to download images.

4. Yahoo! services is a service developed by Yahoo that allows you to optimize storage of multiple images simultaneously in a visual interface. Address , upload photos you select services from the two forms is from the computer (Uploader) and on the internet (URL). With the optional URL, you paste a direct link of the file into the blank box and each separated by a row link. There Uploader option, click Select Files and Smush >>> select image >>> Open. Service support PNG, JPG, GIF.

Results When the card appears, you can see optimal results in the table Smushed Images. Including file name, size after optimization, reducing size and number% respectively. Finally, click Download to download the full Smushed Images on file in zip format.

5. Kraken services

Also but using such features of this service is the option you are allowed to optimal quality. First, to address , select the source image upload with two options: File Uploader (taking photos on your computer or drag and drop), URL Paster (using the image on the web). Next, you select the optimum include: Advanced (default mode with optimal time fast), Extreme (highest quality optimization). Depending on the chosen form of the original source image, you browse to the image file to upload them. Note that the image file to use with a capacity not exceeding 1 MB, each optimized only 20 images with the JPEG format, PNG and GIF.

Image results are displayed in a frame just below the page with full details relating to you to compare. Download all files kraked you click to download all the files are compressed services available in zip format or download individual files with this file Download link their corresponding.

For users of Chrome, Firefox, you can integrate services into the browser with extensions that provide services. You click your browser icon to access settings.

6. Online Services Image Compression

A pretty good point of the service that you have the option of the image compression level % before optimization. Address , you also choose to upload photos to the service in Select a file directory. Then determine the compression level in Compression. Note, compression ratio % higher capacity will lower the image quality thinking will decrease accordingly. Next, press Compress Image.

After optimal image will be converted to JPG format, click Click here to download the new image download.

7. PunyPng services

Regarded as a powerful compression tool with PunyPng you can optimize the image quality at 10 almost unchanged. Usage is very simple, you address >>> click Upload Images >>> select images on your computer (supports JPG, GIF, PNG and capacity does not exceed 100 KB) . File photo will be uploaded and automatically optimized, your job is click Download to download.

If the services do well, you can register Pro account to use image compression technology PunyPng best.

8. JPEG Optimizer service

As an online compression tool to reduce your capacity to facilitate the sharing, blogging, … Access , click Choose File to upload photos. Next, you set the compression level in the box Compress Image (limited from 0-99) and size for the image in Photo Resize box (if desired). Finally, click the Optimize Photo. You will see a preview optimal content of the current page along with other relevant information. To download a photo of you right click on it> select Save As.

9. Services Shrink Pictures

With this service, you not only compressed but also can add effects to photos. Access, scroll down to the frame Resize Image> click Choose File to upload photos. Then you customize size, effects, and quality for it >>> click Resize. In the new page appears, right click on the photos here >>> select Save As.

10. Ranking Easy Services

A simple service allows you to compress photos in one click. In >> click the Choose File or paste the URL to download the file photos. Services will take place 7 results with full information about the amount and quality for your choice.

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