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5 Plugin To Hide Private Content in WP

Posted In Webmaster, Wordpress plugins - By Techtiplib on Friday, August 24th, 2012 With No Comments »

Do you have a private blog that you only want your friends and family to see and read it? Or You you want a private blog to post your secrets OR make your blog available for the registered users only. WordPress allows you to create protected (private) posts but if you want full privacy this won’t be enough.

These WordPress Plugins below will help you:


Hide Private Content ABSOLUTE PRIVACY

Absolute Privacy turns your WordPress blog into a fully private site where you control who has access. It’s perfect for family blogs, private communities, and personal websites. You can lockdown the entire site or create a members only area, moderate new registrations, force users to enter first/last name and choose their password during sign up, and more!


Hide Private Content -PRIVATE WP

Private WP will make sure people can only read your blog after they log in. Already logged in users will see no difference. Users who are logged out will get the login page, and only that.


Hide Private Content -PRIVATE ONLY

This plugin will redirect all users who aren’t logged in to the login form where they are shown a user-friendly message

Features: Redirect all non-logged in users to login form; Updated feature! Custom Logo on Login Page. You can change WordPress Logo; Sub plugin name Disable Feed that allow you to choose disable or enable feed; Single public page new feature; Localization new feature


Hide Private Content -WP-PRIVATE

This plugin helps you achieve exactly this. You will be able to mark a part of your post as private and the rest will be available to public and a login form OR a register and login will appear where your privatized content is supposed to appear. Once the user logs in they will be able to see the whole content (Great for membership sites). Now you can show off parts of your site to visitors and reserve parts for registered users.


Hide Private Content -PRIVATE WP SUITE

Private WP Suite is as simple as abc. It allows you to lock down your blog, your feeds and even your uploads (Needs .htaccess read/write rights). It also allows you to keep certain ip addresses out of the protection. I don’t think this ip feature is really useful though. I don’t recommend using it.


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