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Freeware: USB Disks Access Manager

Posted In Utilities - By Techtiplib on Tuesday, August 28th, 2012 With 3 Comments

USB Disks Access Manager is a free Windows utility that allows you to manage access to USB disks. There are three options to choose, access to read and write, read only and does not detect the USB disks. A freeware tool for user or administrator who wants to control access to their computer trough USB removable disks.


Read & Write Access to USB Disks

This is the default setting that allow computer to read and write to USB disks.

Read Only Access From USB Disk

This option allows the computer can only read it from USB disks. In certain cases you may not want the files on your computer are copied to the USB disks that plugged into your computer.

Disable USB Disks Detection

When this option is selected then all USB disks plugged into the computer will not be detected. In certain circumstances you may not want arbitrary file transfer to or from your computer. This option allows you to do it.

After applying your options with this program, all of USB disks that currently plugged into your computer should be unplugged and re-plugged to get the effect of selected setting. USB Disks Access Manager can not be run from USB/removable disks.

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Download free USB Disks Access Manager (Ver 1.0)

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