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Get free 6 months of BullGuard Internet Security 12

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BullGuard Internet Security, designed for home users and small businesses comes with a standard 3 PC license. This award-winning product contains Antivirus, Antispyware, Firewall, Spamfilter, Backup and Support. Are easily accessible to all functions via a single interface.


Parental Control

Want to protect your children from dangers on the Internet? With BullGuard Parental Control lets you block access to inappropriate websites or online content, limit their time online and monitor their activities. Put simply, you no longer worry about what your kids do when they surf the web – there is only a few clicks to keep an eye on their online activities and keep them away from trouble.

PC Tune Up

Has your computer become lazy in the past? Fire up the with BullGuard PC Tune Up! The function scans your computer for program remnants or unnecessary files that take up much space on your hard drive. Then, beginning on either clean your computer or to tell you what you can do to improve the system and make it faster.


Do you wish that you could surf the Internet without worries? Now you can! Without interrupting your work or make your computer slower with BullGuard Antivirus all digital threats out of your system. Thanks to unique technology to conduct registration, the program is always one step ahead of spyware, viruses and other malware. And best of all is that you do not need a doctorate in computers to figure out how to use it optimally.

Safe Surfing

Even websites that seem harmless can actually be dangerous and contain viruses, spyware and phishing attempts. But if you have BullGuard, you’re safe. The special functions control all of the sites that pop up in search results and tells you which ones are safe and which ones should be avoided.


Do you hate that sort of annoying spam messages come from? Let BullGuard Spamfilter keep unwanted e-mails and e-mail scams out like. phishing attempts, spread of virus and foreign spam. And do not worry: it’s completely compatible with e-mail systems such as. Outlook, Outlook Express, Thunderbird and Windows Mail.


Hackers and identity thieves know no boundaries when it comes to online scams. BullGuard Firewall prevents them from stealing your personal information so you can surf safely. It also provides full control over your Internet connection and lets you create your own firewall settings.


Do you wish there was a bank vault, where you could store your most precious files? It does actually. You can use BullGuard Online Backup to store music, photos or business documents. They are only a click away when you need to download them or transfer them to another computer or even your phone. And you can let them update as often as you like.

Game Mode

You will not get a good gaming experience without having to stop Internet Security? Maybe it’s time to do both. BullGuard Game Mode directs resources to the game without compromising safety. This ensures that you will not be interrupted by alerts, scans or updates. And you can tailor it to your needs by editing existing game profiles and create new ones.

Vulnerability Scanner

Did you know that the non-updated software on your computer making it more vulnerable to hackers and viruses? But do not worry. Inspector checks your system for outdated software, o find the necessary updates. Everything you need to do is click on the link displayed and you are no longer at risk.


Having trouble? You’ve come to right place! Our support team is there for you 24/7 and give you expert advice that are easy to understand and follow. Whether you choose an e-mail service or live chat, we ensure that you get answers right away, so you can get on with the work.

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