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Ginger – The free Grammar and Spell checker for PC and Mac

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Just like a human reviewer, Ginger Proofreader corrects spelling and grammar mistakes based on the context of complete sentences by comparing each sentence to billions of similar sentences from the web.

Ginger Software is developing an array of products that enable mobile devices and computers to understand the intended meaning of natural (human) language input. Ginger Software products are based on an innovative Natural Language Processing (NLP) platform, which uses patent-pending technology to decipher the semantic meaning and context of text input, by comparing it to billions of similar sentences from the Web.

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grammar checker, Spell Checker, learning English, freeware

Ginger Proofreader, the first product to be released based on the NLP platform, is a free spelling and grammar checker, intended for both speakers of English as their mother tongue, and English as a second language (ESL). Ginger Proofreader checks and corrects spelling mistakes, misused words, and corrects grammar mistakes, based on the context of the full sentence. Even when a word is spelled correctly, Ginger Proofreader checks grammar to see whether it makes sense in the sentence, and offers alternatives to the word.

Ginger Proofreader can also be used seamlessly by users writing documents, presentations, and emails, in MS-Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, IE, Firefox, and Chrome, enabling them to correct words in the sentence with a single click.

With the award-winning Ginger Proofreader, users can be confident that their emails and documents are using properly structured grammar and correctly spelled.

grammar checker, Spell Checker, learning English, freeware

Download Ginger: 

Download Ginger for Google Chrome
Download Ginger for Google Chrome app
Download Ginger for Firefox
Download Ginger for Safari
Download Ginger (for Windows)

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