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iOS games will dominate?

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About three years ago, the trend of the game has started to increase, applications for iPhone are well known. Also at this time, Apple got the best of sales with millions of products on the  iPhone, iPad is next, and make the market of iPhone become stronger. According to some sources said hundreds of thousands who have become clients of the iOS and Android. In the last week of 2011, more than 20 million iOS and Android device is enabled and 1.2 billion apps have been officially put into use.

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The game manufacturers downloadload and compression on the disk and then sold at retails, the disk sells for less than two dollars U.S., or even free (mostly the money money pay for advertising include). There are many types of phone and more the competitive supply of this item so that economic potential is not high. 

The publisher became an important in traditional games business. The game version is often tailored by each publisher maybe is title from a certain document (translated from a version other). Maybe other ways, publisher funding developers to produce a game. The developers will be responsible for publishingafter the completion of a game. Publishers play an important role in export production game and taken to the system system retailers. Some developers themselves and perform exceptional role as publisher.

Distribution of digital offers some advantages to consumers and developers as follows:

– No one can access your games
– Consumers do not have to hunt game
– Game is always available in the world
– Consumers will often get the latest version, easy down the upgrade version.
– The new upgrade will automatically “pushed” to the buyer before.

The developers deverlop the best versions everday for consumer. And developing games for iPhone will be reached:

– The phone with large screen.
– The phone with high-resolution image on the display device new retina.
– The light weight, reasonable size devices.
– Stereo audio.
– Multi- touch screen allows you to access any connection.
– Game Center will help player can play online.
– A multi-systems can help players play online with the others.

Game developers worked on the handset without appreciation of its features.

Development pending lower and with the distribution of digital playback allows the developer develop the game as the way they want to do. 

Maslow’s model illustrates the different levels of human needs, with the most basic needs from the bottom floor of the pyramid. To achieve this understanding clearly on each level of demand, at first must meet the previous requirements. Air, water, food, and even sex are at the bottom, love and things of love set in the middle and at the top of the pyramid is my company, look at that so we decided the fate of us, saw the potential of us and implement it. If we choose the right games and made one of great labor for something to develop them and create efficient and finally we have achieved is a result of over 100 million people use the iPhone and the iPad.

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