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Keep Your Website Healthy with DeepTrawl Basic 500 (Giveaway – worth $149)

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DeepTrawl is the best tool for webmaster!! 

Web sites grow. Pages are added and deleted, links change, directories are moved. Over time, even the most careful Web admins miss something. DeepTrawl is a powerful program “spiders” your Web site (or, really, any Web site), looking for errors–bad links, missing images, spelling errors, or even issues you define.

DeepTrawl is astoundingly simple to use. Type in the URL of the site you wish to trawl, and click the big green arrow. The program leaps to work, racing through your site, and building up a catalog of spelling errors, broken links, and slow-loading images. It then presents this to you in an easy-to-use format. Each page with errors is listed; you can expand the list and click on an error, and then pick an option. For example, you may determine a “misspelled” word is someone’s name and add it to the dictionary or you may say “Ooops!” and open the page for editing.

Scan whole sites for 22 types of errors, including:

Check links the easy way – DeepTrawl automatically performs a deep, thorough link check

Tools to perform a link check can leave a lot to be desired. Some tools will only check links in a single page at a time, forcing you to test every page in your site one-by-one.

DeepTrawl is different, it crawls each page if your site checking all the links in each one. This means you can perform a link check on an entire website with a single click.

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Shown to the left, DeepTrawl’s problems tab is extremely good at showing the results of your link check in an easy to read, actionable manner.

Every page containing one or more broken links is listed in a clear manner, just like the results from a search engine. But why would you check the links if you didn’t want to fix the broken ones? That’s why we have provided a built in HTML editor…

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Shown to the right, DeepTrawl’s integrated html editor highlights the broken links directly in your html. Once you edit the links the editor can re-check all the links in the page to make sure your changes have been successful.

DeepTrawl can also show you broken links highlighted in your web browser, providing excellent context for fixing errors in dynamic website code. 

Website spell checker
Spell checking all of your website content can be a laborious process, especially if you have some static handwritten html content and some generated dynamically by server side scripts.

DeepTrawl is an easy to use website spell checker which takes the pain out of ensuring all the spelling on a site is correct by checking all the spelling on every page against its full US, UK & Canadian English dictionaries.

When spelling mistakes are found DeepTrawl makes it very easy to fix them. They can be highlighted in your web browser or in the integrated html editor, ready to be fixed.

xhtml valid check
DeepTrawl allows you to check every page of your site is xhtml valid with one click.

Most web developers check the validity of their pages with on-line validators, one at a time. DeepTrawl frees you from this time consuming process by validating your entire site all at once. As with all problems found with DeepTrawl, you can fix invalid markup as it’s found & then re-check it in the integrated html editor.

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Giveaway page: DeepTrawl Basic 500

Download: for Windows; for MAC

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