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Tip: Create Windows 7 live USB with a bootable USB

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How to install an operating system on this Windows 7 operating system. Operating system installation by using USB media is called with a Bootable USB Drive. An easy way to create a windows 7 Live USB is to use special software to create a Live USB that is A Bootable USB, sotware bootable requiring a short time in the process of creating a Live USB and easy to use.

A Bootable USB is special software that is used to create a bootable USB drive to install windows 7 using Flas Disk. Here’s how to create a live usb windows 7 easily and quickly:

– Provide the USB / Flash Disk minimum space is 4GB.

– Provide the file.Iso Windows 7.

– Plug the USB to be created a Live USB.

– Run A Bootable USB Software.

– Then click Check USB button, automatically will detect Flash Disk that is stuck in your computer. Make sure the USB choice who wants to become a Live USB.

– Click Open Iso button and select the iso file that you have prepared.

– After that, Click Start Iso. Wait until completion and success.

– Currently USB / Flash Disk you have inserted bootable Usb drive which can be used to install Windows 7 using Flas Disk. To install Windows 7 using these USB/Flash Disk don’t forget to make sure your computer’s bios is set to boot on USB drive first.

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