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Get free 1,000 Backlinks credit for your site from Postlinks

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PostLinks is designed to make it as easy as possible to generate revenue from your WordPress site. Getting started is easy. Simply add your blog to the PostLinks system, install the plugin on your site, validate that everything is working properly, and start earning money. 

Today I show you how to get free 1000 links credit from Postlinks:

Note: Your blog must have a PageRank of at least 1 to participate.

Step 1: Access Postlinks Home page, then click Start Your Free Trial! button

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Step 2: Register an acccount

Fill out the registration form as the picture below, then you will receive an email about your account was created.

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Step 3: Add your site

Log in your account and add your site to the Postlinks system, follow the simple instructions below:

1. In your Publisher Control Panel, click the “My Blogs” link.

2. Click the “Add New Blog” button.

3. Complete the following fields:

Blog Category –> Select the category that your blog falls into. 
Blog Home URL –> Enter the URL of the home page of your blog.
WP Username –> Enter your WordPress username. 
WP Password –> Enter your WordPress password.
Allow Guest Comments –> Check this box if you would like to earn money for each comment that Advertisers publish on your posts.
Allow Contextual Links –> Check this box if you would like to earn money for each keyword that Advertisers choose to link from.
Copy category settings from –> Rather than selecting categories for each blog you add, you can copy the category settings from another blog profile.
Post Categories –> Check the boxes next to all categories from which you are willing to accept Article Posts.

4. Click the “Add New Blog” button. Your new blog will be added.

Step 4: Intall WordPress Plugin

In order for PostLinks to communicate with your site, you need to install the PostLinks WordPress plugin by following the instructions below.

  1. Download the Plugin:

    1. Download plugin by clicking here.
    2. Unzip the file into the “/wp-content/plugins/” folder of your WordPress software installation.
  2. Activate your Plugin:

    1. Log into your WordPress control panel and click the ‘Plugins’ button.
    2. Find ‘PostLinks Plug-in’ in the plugins list and click the ‘Activate’ link.
  3. Configure the Plugin:

    1. Select ‘PostLinks Plugin Configuration’ item in the Plugins sub-menu.
    2. Enter your PostLinks account Username and Password and click ‘Update Information’ button.
    3. If entered information and blog information in your PostLinks account is correct then a ‘Thank you! Entered information is correct.’ message will be displayed.

Step 5: Validating Your Site

Once you have added your blog to the PostLinks system and installed the plugin, you need to validate that everything is working properly.

  1. In your Publisher Control Panel, click the “My Blogs” link.
  2. Find the blog you wish to validate and click the “validate” button.

Your installation will be regulary checked by our robot. If the system finds that our plugin is inactive, its source code is modified, or our guest posts are modified or deleted through the WordPress Admin control panel instead of your PostLinks Control Panel, your account will be disabled.

Learn more: Conflicting Plugins

Note: As of September, 18th 2012, they will no longer offer free trials for the system. Of course, any trial users that signed up before that date will have the full 30 days to try out the system for free.


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