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[Giveaway] AgataSoft PingMaster Pro 1.8 – a utility for network monitoring and diagnosis

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AgataSoft PingMaster Pro is a utility for network monitoring and diagnosis – created formonitoring network connections, servers, routers, switches and other networking devices.

Stable and reliable functioning of a network requires constant monitoring of all network devices. A single bottle-neck in the network infrastructure can lead to overall degradation of its performance and various connection issues. While the task remains one of the most important in network administration, monitoring network devices manually is tough. And this is where network monitoring software comes to the rescue. AgataSoft PingMaster Pro automatically pings remote network devices via ICMP or SNMP protocol and promptly displays an alert if some lags or lost packets have been detected.

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PingMaster Pro stays hidden in the background and performs automatic checks controlling the state of the network and states of all devices connected to it. The program sends ICMP queries across the network or over the Internet and measures average response time it gets. If a certain device or a web server is unavailable, the program instantly displays a warning message to a system administrator. If a device or a server doesn’t accept ICMP queries, PingMaster Pro can perform SNMP monitoring or request an HTTP header to measure response time.

Key features of AgataSoft PingMaster Pro:

ICMP checks IP addresses or domains.

SNMP checks IP addresses or domains.

HTTP checks websites or web-servers.

Inboard SNMP utility.

ICMP latency monitoring.

Traffic monitoring.

Inboard trace route utility.

E-mail, ICQ, Sound and visual alert.

Inboard SysLog server connected with the program data.

Quick view of the network status in a tray icon.

Home page:

Download free AgataSoft PingMaster Pro 1.8 for 24 hours

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