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[Giveaway] Download free ebook: 99 Ways To Speed Up Your Mac

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Think your Mac is FAST?

Well believe it or not now you can make it even faster!

We know what you’re thinking…“Is that even possible?! My Mac is already lightning fast!” but trust us, this Ebook is on a mission to help you dramatically INCREASE the speed of your Mac using completely FREE tools.

Below you can see example for 5 of 99 ways:

1) Get Intel or G5 Binaries

If you are running on either an Intel or G5 check the download site of your applications to see if there is specific binary for your computer. You may need to upgrade to get the best speed.

2) Slim Down Universal Binaries

In a similar note to the previous tip you can save a bit of RAM and disk space by removing the binary in applications that you won’t use. Xslimmer is the best application for this job.

3) Clear Caches

Your computer runs on Caches. If a cache becomes corrupt or full of erroneous data removing it could actually speed up your computer. Find your caches files under /Users/[name]/Library/Cache. Once as your delete them a new one will be created.

4) Web History

A large web history will mean your web browser will have to load it during start up. A big history can slow this down. Delete really old entries to speed up browsing. Disable it all together for an even quicker load.

5) Reduce Firefox Extensions

The more extensions you have the more RAM your computer uses. Delete and uninstall Firefox extensions you don’t use.

Speed Up Your Mac

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