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Posted In Internet - By Techtiplib on Wednesday, September 5th, 2012 With No Comments » is a powerful file management and sharing tool. It lends itself more to the business user because of the in-depth collaboration tools. Some nice features are integrated web-viewer for most doc types and full integration with Google Docs. The feature about that integration as well is that with the integrated viewer you do not have to have a Google Docs account to view the file. However, if you want to edit the doc you will need to login into Google Docs.

Another powerful tool is the ability to create documents online with the built-in editor. This is also nice if you what to work completely in the cloud.

Box is a clean and sleek online storage service built for the purpose of collaboration, and it subsequently caters mostly to professional users. While other services in our lineup blend traditional backup with cloud storage, Box is exclusively the latter, providing file storage that is entirely web-based. While the service deserves high accolades for its streamlined and straightforward approach to cloud storage – even the least tech-savvy of users will quickly comprehend how to use the service – Box isn’t without a few glaring shortcomings.

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