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Tech tips: Three ways to translate your PDF files online

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Have you ever received a document file that foreign languages are stored in PDF format via email? If this is your case, perhaps to understand the contents of the first file you need to convert it to Word, then translate the text from Word into the language of English, this process can take a lot of time and high precision. This article will help you solve this problem quickly and easily by online whole PDF file, so you do not need to download or install any software program on your computer.

Today I show you three ways to translate PDF online:

1. Document translation service Google Translate

Translation service from Google at is an easy and effective way for the translation language.This tool allows you to translate any language online site, copy – paste text and even upload documents.
To start, visit then click on the link to translate a document, you will be given the option to upload files from your computer to the language translator.
tech tips, translate online, pdf translate
Now, click on the Choose File button and select the your PDF file the click the Open button, then select the language PDF files need to be translated, and finally click the Translate button (large button blue at the top) to begin the process of language translation.
tech tips, translate online, pdf translate
A new tab or window will open to display the translation process (translation progress) by percentage in the bottom left. A new window will display the translation of PDF files uploaded. This service is ideal for the small-sized PDF files, it can not work with large files when PDF contains many pages. In addition, the translation process for large PDF files may take longer to complete.

2. Google Drive service (Dos) for translation

You can also use the Google Docs service that is now part of Google Drive for language translation of PDF documents. In addition to language services, you can also upload the original PDF file in the archive Google Drive for reference in the future (although you can choose to delete it).
Visit and then login using your existing Google account or Gmail account details. After logging in, click on the Upload button next to the Create button in the top left, then click on the Files option.
tech tips, translate online, pdf translate
In the next step, you select your PDF file then click the Open button. A pop-up window appears, make sure that you have checked two option [Convert documents, presentations, spreadsheets, and drawings to Google Docs format] and [Convert text from PDF and image files to Google documents].
tech tips, translate online, pdf translate
Then click the Start Upload button, your PDF file will be listed automatically once the upload process is complete. Now click on the uploaded PDF file to open it automatically in the Google Docs Viewer window.
tech tips, translate online, pdf translate
Now, you go to Tools> Translate document then select a language to translate and click the Translate button to start translation language. You will see a finished document translation process. Also the translation of the PDF is saved in your account for future reference.

3. Doc services Translator

Doc Translator is an online service used to translate PDF files. In fact it uses the Google Translate service for the language to use, you access address and click the Translate tab at the top of the page. Then you will be prompted to allow the download applet file for the service to run in the web browser, click Run to continue.
tech tips, translate online, pdf translate
Now click on the PDF option and select the PDF file from your computer, select the language to translate and it will begin to create PDF files with text translation.

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