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Tips to reduce memory occupancy of the Chrome operating

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Is an excellent browser with many advantages compared to other browsers, Chrome is increasingly used by many users believe. But the biggest cons of this browser is eats pretty much Ram the operation, creating an obstacle especially when used on a machine with low memory capacity. This article would tell you “great way” to minimize memory use Chrome on a computer system with two hidden features of the browser.

1. Enable / disable the Aero Glass interface mirrors on Chrome:

When using Chrome on Windows Vista/7, stunning mirror interface is enabled by default in the browser window, but it also occupies a significant system memory. If you want to retrieve the memory occupancy of the browser’s Aero Glass interface without having to turn off the mirror of the system, you can disable it as follows.

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Right click on the Chrome icon and select Properties. In the Shortcut tab of the window Google Chrome Properties, you create a space and enter the command add – debug – enable-frame-toggle back path in the Target box, click OK. Boot into Chrome, you right click on the sound card holder will see the option to toggle Frame Type> click on it. Immediately mirror interface of the browser window will be disabled and basic turn green.To return to the example, you click on that option again. 

2. Frees memory Chrome use with Purge Memory:

Chrome is an excellent browser but to consume a lot of memory during system operation. Normally when you want to reduce the application space of the browser, you can ask help from the third-party utility. But the fact that Chrome can release the memory occupied its own thanks to a useful feature called Purge Memory.

tech tips, internet, google chrome, refresh memory, reduce memory

First, you open the Google Chrome Properties> create a space behind the Target box and enter the command – purge-memory-button > click OK. Open Chrome, you press the keyboard shortcut Shift + Esc to open Task Manager Task Manager browser. Left End process button will now appear to add new functionality Purge memory button, you click on it. The magic will happen. (You look at the column Memory of the processes running on the browser in the Windows Task Manager to check).

Note: To effectively use the tips above, you must ensure you’re using Chrome to the latest version. You can download in 

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